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    We will manage transportation for you by giving you manage your storefront to the latter, we will handle it for you. To shiping or storege . Please tell us.


Are you tired?

  Are you looking for an assistant to help stop online shop on your right? If so, I would like to take you five minutes to wash, known as Good Move transports & logistics, and we will be helped to make the store you grow to the next level.

Do you remember the first day that you can build your online shop lately. To date, you have time to find the right product for the customer, really. Today you have time to update their knowledge on new products. Today you have time to plan promotional products by various channels which. As you see, most of the IG, Facebook was not the Website you have time to talk to customers about your identity, your products and your brand. Until the day he became a regular customer of the shop you go. These activities I called the store activities that create value for you.

And today, when you have a store that sells a lot. You still have plenty of time in what is said to me. Or that you just take your time. The inspection of the production (QC), for the delivery to the storage of, packing and mail to keep up, the need to ask a knowledgeable account. OK, so we know how much profit. The heaviest was someone asking if you Tracking number of EMS will be answered soon find that cheated me. These activities I called your activity lasts.

I was the one to find an online store that has sold more wasting time with not a lot more, too. And then when you have time, down to the really important things for your store. It will allow you to store up to impossible. Of course, I also shop at several stores complained to me about this, and they try to give someone. An assistant for the store. Understanding the nature of these sales. But I can not do.


We will manage your transports bussiness, Let make you save your time.

  • Product inspection To ensure that your customers will get better.
  • FOR Display of your products online.
  • Send your order by We are the ones picking Pack according to your brand. And sent by mail or messenger.
  • Building preemption and transfer customers to identify products online.
  • EMS code to customers when we deliver the goods.
  • Create a sales profit / loss.

The transportation services integrated by Good move transports & logistics, A highlight of the service follows.

    Always on time.

    Fast to move.

   Professional movers.

   Standard trucks.

    Plan your shipping.

    Maintain your product and its breakpoint Storage.

    Give the best advice.

    Materials packaging of is high quality.

     Worldwide service

     Certified standard

     Handle with care

The database will contain important.

  • 1) route truck GPS maps such as the car park at the dangers of traffic and so on.
  • 2) Size of fleet trucks as fuel for distance running. For each vehicle type and so on.
  • 3) The driver of a driver's license, as the Mountaineers. During the work, the wage rate.
  • 4) legal restrictions such as government regulation, product / vehicle of some kind, some routes, driving directions, etc. to match the type of license.
  • 5) the place and pick up and deliver customers such as factories, airports, ports, distribution centers, customer customs border and so on.
  • 6) systems ordered by customers such as the type of product origin - destination. Appointments etc.

             The use of TMS system must take into account the ability to reduce costs. Time Travel And security in This must include links to other systems. Related to the accuracy of the results and the ability to use it. Therefore, the use of information technology. For logistics. (E-logistics) factors that companies should consider investing in software should consider the following topics.
  • 1. To prevent or minimize errors caused by humans (Human error).
  • 2. What do humans do not have or do not take very long, such as processing information.
  • 3. To make the job easier, faster and easier.
  • 4. Adding value and business advantage. The system This will increase the accuracy of the information. And increase the speed of the track.
  • 5. The ability to modify the software manually.
  • 6. Ability to maintain software.
  • 7. The cost of a master IT system
  • 8. The compatibility of the software with the system of organization.
           If operators can bring systems management, efficient transport into the transport activities of the organization. To make the organization of enterprises can achieve components of delivering 5Rs Delivery follows.
  • 1. Right Place
  • 2. Right Time
  • 3. Right Quantity
  • 4. Right Quality
  • 5. Right Cost
             If your organization can achieve delivery 5Rs Delivery to cause JIT: Just in Time, is "to deliver timely, accurate right place to meet the requirements under competitive cost" so that enterprises have developed effective. Transport continues What administrators need monitoring throughout the operational efficiency in the delivery of goods and services by organizations should be established. Key performance indicators (Key performance indicator: KPI), which the KPI is used to measure the performance of transport are.
  •  1. On-Time Deliveries
  • 2. Damage
  • 3. Demurrage (Delay)
  • 4. Assessorial (Evaluation)
  • 5. Appointments
  • 6. Freight Bill Accuracy  

         To determine KPI is always something to consider. Should be measured in every dimension of logistics. Not only is the cost alone. Therefore, to determine the KPI must cover the following matters: Flexibility, Efficiency, Ability and Responsiveness. And that's especially important not to be forgotten is the safety of transport.

Transportation will be classified as follows.

Delivery of defective Fragile simple recommendation should pack a box or wrapped my safety's Pride your customers.



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