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All shipping and moving All pieces must be sent to customers free of damage.

  1. Has the great Dispose.
  2. Professional Movers.
  3. Good packing.
  4. Block area when the work is happening everywhere.
  5. Plan Your Move.
  6. There is fully The equipment.
  7. Warranty Goods.


 Time to move each one individually. I could not stand the toil ahead. It will pack separately for each type of storage it lasts. And lead to confusion when moving to a newscratching the transport goods that make life not unkempt. Hassle anymore Ready to pack boxes to move on happily together better safety.

1. A box with handles Transposition of which must be packed in boxes weighing. We have a simple solution To make the move easier. There is a box with handles. By drilling the two sides of the box. The time for hand box

2. Collection of soft The use of such bags stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, put it in a black bag before moving. Then paste it into the truck, put it close to the fracture of brittle or easily. It will help prevent those losses.

3. Melt Fridge Before moving the refrigerator for about 1-2 days, remember to defrost. And clean the refrigerator with a dry towel. It will help prevent the refrigerator odor. And no damper

4. marking on glass. Using marking tape X on a mirror or picture frame glass. This is to prevent it from cracking. It also allows a fixed glass in the frame of the picture at the same time put in the truck.

5. Photography wiring The hardware for electronics or appliances. The computer is connected to a generator or other types of plugs. Before disconnecting them. We should take a picture while it's not the first. At that time to move on to the power cables. Correctly

6. Use the scroll wheel for heavy luggage. If you have to carry the heavy books, etc. to use bags with wheels. Because it is more convenient to transport.

7. Put on a coat hanger in a plastic bag. Time to unload clothes hangers. All clothing in plastic bags tied to long. Clothes make the move easier. Because it can take up to hang in the new cabinet immediately.

8. Pack a box Time to move belongings We can arrange things done, it may take more than one day. So we should separate for it in the box for the one I use when you move to new items such as towels, clothing, toothbrushes, bath sets and so on.

9. foam placed between the plates, ceramic plates. To protect the plate Place the foam plate between each dish.

10. The use of plastic wrap Use plastic wrap of species that can be slippery falls. As a top drawer Or a tray inside the store. Simply use the plastic wrap to help prevent slippery now.

11. If a paper bag can help to move the paper bag is used for glass. And a small cup If you want to protect, the more piled into bags.

12. Use Case Wine to benefit. We buy liquor Wine box Inside the box is a box for each bottle of wine. We can use these cases for glasses, vases, wine glasses, it will help break apart the fragile pieces.

13. For pack boxes The separation of the types of adhesive tape, scissors, a router label or tag name, which is a rope through the device in a basket that can be moved easily. Because these devices are used to pack boxes at various points.

14. bedspread old to be useful. If you have an old bed sheet. Time to move mattresses, bedspreads two parcels covering both the front and back of the couch. This prevents dirtBlemishes during transport.

15. Jewelry Store And Jill Whaley, however. Accommodation or travel time to be careful what one is. Jewelry may be damaged or lost, the ideal way to move together with simple ornaments two ways: 1. Use the tissue paper for our use in the bathroom as the necklace. Jewelry clasps This is to protect each hook off the same way the second is to use egg crates to store small items such as jewelry, earrings, rings, it would prevent them falling off easily.

16. Keep the screws and bolts. When the pack and prepare to move. Some furniture pieces will be removed from the bolts, screws or bolts. Which are small pieces you have to be careful. So should separate screws and bolts into a zip-lock bag. We will take time to assemble furniture spare them correctly.

17. The use of any storage capacity Each season Of each season, such as home furnishings in the New Year. Of the season or major. We normally do not use often. To separate the plastic storage box using adhesive tape to the box that was inside a store anything. Took the time to take it easy

18. Remove the gas and oil from lawn mowers. Moving the equipment used for oil or gas. We should make them less gas or oil before moving.

19. To secure the best nesting boxes If you move your risk of fracture and collapse. Such as computers, televisions use of packing boxes stacked card will help prevent damage that may occur. Also, do not forget to stick the tape to overlap with one another.

20. Take advantage of everything I want you to think outside the box and take advantage of all the other pieces, such as a pot, put the knife handle. Put socks in shoes or boots. The use of all the benefits fully. Without space, saves space on trucks to transport the.

21. Print vilified Kor. Time to pack the box, we should stick labels on every box. The label must contain the text readable. And clear Therefore, the color print paper, it should be colorful eye-catching first sight immediately. It took time to pack boxes stack together multiple. A separate box will be easy to use and convenient.

22. Use symbols instead of paper. Instead of using paper to track boxes. We may use stickers and a color. Room and various applications. Such as stickers pink circle represents the two bands used in the bathroom. And this is the same room. Or use a tape of a color code for use in any room.

23. Use the towel and hand towel is a wizard. Recommend the use of towels and a towel wrapped in kitchen appliances that can be easily damaged before packing. Because it helps prevent damage that may occur during transport.

24. Enter a truck packed with tricks. It depends on how much you have. And it's packed with so many techniques to put in the truck. But it's a simple principle You can safely put on the move and is less vulnerable to damage.

25. Remove all the pieces out of the truck. After moving to its destination. Should the carrying out of the car and put it at the entrance to the house, we saw all of that then. I think we will move into the house. 
How do I know These tips make a move closer to home to see more of it.

  ** Just as the removal of your clients to reach customers safely by our team. **

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