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       Full service of storage

We understand the business problem Companies are prosperous but less storage space to me come to us Good move good storage bort storage or delivery and administration of the above, you do not make anymore.

We understand the problems of the city are home or condo that has less and less space. It's your right to collect Where?

The collection's Pride's more important every day. Table of Contents Office of Doctoral rides are stored where?

  • Furnishing a new home for personal use, keep going.
  • Sports equipment, toys, books, a collection of miscellaneous. I kept the house going.
  • Travel abroad or other provinces for a long time. Of the deposit where?
  • Documents in the office lot filled kept going.
  • Trade show booths, banner advertising, media relations, must be preserved for the future,where you kept?

If you are looking for space. A private storage room We can help!

  • Notification requirements
  • Choose a size of the storage
  • Contract
  • Cards and padlock
  • Storage Immediately 

To facilitate you. We also offer additional services as follows:

  •   Consultancy for transports.
  •     Packing by expert Compliance
  •     Trucks are always available.
  •     High security

Protect your precious belongings With storage room

  • Designed to suit both your personal documents or the office.
  • Clean and safe.
  • Open 24 hours.
  • high security.
  • CCTV system Sprinkler system in all rooms The material is flame retardant.
  • Security for your valuable items.

Don't let your place, There are fully of goods. Security for your valuable items. If you choose a Good Move Good Storage. *** Price starts at only THB50 ***

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