Always On Time

Always On Time

Punctuality is the fundamental core that Good Move imposes.
We deliberately plan to finish our move on time. Whether it is house moving, office relocating or machinery moving.


With the principles of working professionally in the field of moving

  • Arrive ahead of time
  • Always plan to have additional time
  • Work vigorously and professionally

Being on time means sticking to the schedule for business
A thought/quote "Be on time. And challenge others with punctuality. "
The expression "time is money" is worth its weight in gold. "Time and tide wait for no one"

The benefits of punctuality.

  1. Have a habit of being diligent. Robust seriousness
  2. Become enthusiastic and lively.
  3. True to ourselves with dignity.
  4. Work quickly and with good results.
  5. career success. progressive life.
  6. Determining the activities we do every day with self-discipline.
  7. Become reliable.

The downside for tardiness.

  1. Become lazy and avoid responsibility
  2. Become a delay.
  3. Causing work and life in confusion unorganised.
  4. Not being true to oneself.
  5. Failure to be on deadline or appointment.
  6. Not being trusted by others.


The content of the Bible
"And let us not grow weary in doing good. For if we are not discouraged, we will gain in due time" "(Gal 6:9)

Punctuality Article
Punctuality is the heart of all businesses, particularly in large enterprises, as lateness can result in significant damage. Each individual's punctuality reflects their character, with punctual people being typically reliable and orderly. Lady Pissamai discussed her father in her memoirs and his work with H.K.H. Prince Damrong Rajanupab, who once said that punctuality is essential and that those who do not consider time important are unprincipled and untrustworthy. This is a critical concept that deserves attention, and training oneself to be punctual is a means for success and progress. Being an important person is not achieved through flattery or ancestry but through personal organisation and punctuality. Have you ever had a specific time for eating, sleeping, or working, and have you followed it strictly? If not, it indicates that you are still far from success. Learning to be punctual is an excellent characteristic to possess.


Desired behaviours for students to practise

  • Encouraging students to plan their time appropriately for various activities and to have an organised life.
  • To become people who are punctual and able to set aside time for different events or circumstances.
  • Arriving before the scheduled time for appointments with others.
  • Ensuring completion of activities within the allotted time.


For those who want to move houses, relocate offices or moving machinery using a hassle-free house moving service with us Good Move.

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