Professional Movers

Each employee will be interviewed by trained and experienced as well.

  • With expertise in the field of transport only.
  • Selection of the personnel department.
  • Were trained and indoctrinated by the rules of Good move as well.


The motto for the mind is Service mind.


S = Smile 
E = enthusiasm 
R = rapidness 
V = value 
I = impression 
C = courtesy 
E = endurance 

M = make believe
I = insist
N = necessitate
D = devote 


Staff training

1) Each employee must have a lucid dream in itself. I want to see myself successful in his chosen career.
2) Employees must love what you do. Love in their career Willingness to make a career of their own.
3) aims Clear goals Work each day
4) Work Plan
5) Patience, hard work, dedication, diligence.
6) Prepare yourself Prepare yourself ready before working with others.
7) responsibility to themselves and the team.
8) compete against themselves
9) honest to yourself and others.
10) 150% of the planned work.
11) discipline and punctuality. Known cure time
12) The attention to detail of the work.
13) thirst for knowledge and learning, Learn more
14) was pretty arrogant, does not hold. A friendly
15) with humility.
16) win by their temper (Self Management).
17) have self-confidence.
18) open to the idea of difference.
19) To honor the contract and keeping to himself and others regularly.
20) say what is true. With the right approach
21) consistently to keep learning. Understanding the In corporate business
22) There is a commitment (Commitment).
23) known as Time Management (Time Management).
24) to concentrate on work.
25) the weakest link itself And learning strengths to create a stand.
26) Learn from a "professional" with professional knowledge from those who excel. To develop self
27) for experience exchange experience with colleagues in the organization.
28) Be creative horizons.
29) has working models of a variety not identified.
30) confess From their actions Without blaming the situation Or others And take a crash course.
31) Get ready to change regularly.
32) Do all the roles and responsibilities as well.
33) are masters or Role Model to be inspired.
34) Trust in our leaders and colleagues.
35) the transfer of knowledge to colleagues.
36) Life Long Learning
37) the development of themselves (Continuous Improvement).
38) upheld the values and culture of the organization.
39) joining the chorus of (Synergy).
40) are proud of themselves and the organization.

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