Privacy Policy

      When you use the service well, you believe in maintaining our personal information, receiving the information we collect because what we collect, including what we do with the information here is what Important and please note that we will securely store and protect this privacy.

What we keep the information.

  1. Email Address, Name, Last Name, Address or Work Address, Address Postal Code, ZIP Code, Telephone Number, Social Media Contact Information, Other personal data that you have provided to us etc.
  2. Various address details and product information that had previously been shared.
  3. We strongly recommend that you check this privacy policy first if our data and website are in line with the policy of company.

When does this Privacy Policy apply.

  1. We use your personal information as needed, such as name and address, for contacting and providing information. Including commenting In your various ministries.
  2. And as we know, we guarantee that you will not bring your personal information That we have collected data To sell or distribute to outsiders Except to receive permission from you only.
  3. In the case that Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd. has delivered postal packages, we will require the agencies assigned to do so. Keep information and protect your privacy safely.

Your right to use the privacy policy.

  • Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd. has established this privacy policy to protect privacy information. To those who use the service or those who have a commitment with us.
  • Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd. has carefully screened the information to prevent the third party from accusing Blasphemous, insulting, so the accused of Good Move Professional Worldwide Move Co., Ltd. should ponder the facts as well and please identify yourself for the Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd. will fix the error according to the format of Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd.

Improving privacy policy.

  • Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd. may have updated news, updated information in order to develop to be more current with the mission.

Copyright and intellectual property rights.

  • Intellectual property rights are the property of Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd., with the consent of the property owner. Allowed to browse Repeat by printing method Download to database Or for the purpose of distributing the information to other people. You must maintain the copyright and intellectual property conditions of the Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd., including showing Trademarks appearing above on the information you copied. Any copy of this website may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes. The modified or used in conjunction with other publications or websites, with the exception of Reddy Planet Co., Ltd.
  • Copyright, trademark And various intellectual property rights All of which are text, images and other materials On this website Is the property of Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd.

Cookie using

  • Good Move Professional Worldwide Movers Co., Ltd will store cookies or similar technologies. to improve the efficiency of the use of the Platform and the Company's access to services; via internet It is used in the following cases: to enable you to continuously and securely log into your account on the Company's Platform to collect information about your use of the Platform. This includes the platform model you set up and stores information about your usage patterns and interests. For the company will develop and improve the website to meet your interests as much as possible and can use the website more conveniently, quickly and efficiently.
  • Setting and refusing cookies You can opt out of cookies based on your preferences, with the exception of necessary cookies. by setting your privacy to suspend the collection of information by cookies in the future By the way, press the button at below of the website "Setting".
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