Good move recruitment announcement

Position : Mover, Packaging, Handling and Unpacking Staff.
Quantity : 20 people
Location : Head office 117/22 Bangbon 4 Road Bangbon Bangbon Bangkok 10150


Nature of work
- It is a premium house, condo, office moving job. Lifting things without dragging, throwing or dropping any strong impact.
- work according to worksheet information and mainly according to the supervisor
- There is a packing of items wrapped before moving.

Qualifications for applicants are as follows.
- have a driver's license
- Age 20 years and over (no qualifications required)
- Sex : Only Male
- Patience and diligence
- Not involved in any drugs
- No criminal record of any kind
- No quarrels
- Punctual
- Fully qualified interview Get to work Benefits.

Right of benefits.

- Average wages 500 THB per Day or more depending on the ability and intensity of work.
- Free accommodation benefits are provided.
- In the first period, daily wages Finish the job and get paid the next day.
- Get accident insurance when working within the working period as specified by the company
- For employees who have completed their work period and have sufficient qualifications as specified by the company

The company has income insurance but will inform you about the details at the time of the interview.
- If all qualifications pass and are near the company will consider specially


If you are interested, please contact Mr.Wasan, Human Resources Department,

- email 

- Tel +662-114-7574 ext.103

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