Good move

Q : What is a good move ?

A : We are a leading provider of moving services, from dismantling to packing to mailing to successfully contracting for the logistics management sector's transportation needs. We conduct business both domestically and abroad.



Q : How are the costs ?

A : The price is determined by the type of transportation, customs clearance in the case of international moving, and labour according to the difficulty of the job. Protective equipment that facilitates the transfer. We will have an appraisal department to professionally determine the price for tax. As a result, our price will meet the standard.


Q : When do I have to pay ?

A : The payment differs. Please click to see How to make a payment


Q : What is the difference between the cost of storing things in the box for your own storage ?
A : The cost is not significantly different.

Q : What is the approximate cost of a 6-wheel, 4-wheel truck, roof-top truck ?
A : Please click for our promotion and pricing from the link below. https://en.goodmove-th.com/15623710/promotion-now-

Q : Do you have to tip ?
A : Although it is not required, it is rewarding if you are happy with our service.

Q : Will there be any charges when changing the shipping date ?
A : Please notify us 3-4 days prior to the moving date. Especially for the international service, there may be changes in transportation costs.


Estimate cost

Q : Is the job of moving 1 normal room , do you need to survey the place ?
A : You can take pictures of the stuff and send it to us.


Q : Why do I have to take pictures ?
A : We will be able to assess the actual vehicle labour cost of the protective equipment for transportation. So as not to cause problems while working.

Q : Does the location survey have a cost ?
A : We survey the location for you free of charge in the area of Bangkok and suburbs, according to the appraisal table


Q : Is it necessary to survey the location ?
A : If your quantity is quite large, it is more accurate to evaluate workloads and problems that may occur. We suggest that a site survey should be conducted by experts.

Q : If it is not convenient to actually survey the place ?
A : You can shoot a video with details explained and send it to us.

Q : When can I get the quotation ?
A : Within 1-3 days.



Q : What is the difference between packing by ourselves and packing by Goodmove ?
A : If you let us pack everything, we will do every step for you. But if you pack by yourself, we will pack only the big pieces of furniture and appliances.

Q : Do you have furniture removal and installation services available ?
A : We offer furniture removal and installation services. But not including the built in furniture, or furniture that is nailed or stuck with glue.

Q : How is the work style ?
A : Packaging and wrapping - Removing and installing furniture - Moving - orderly placement.

Q : How to pack valuables ?
A : You should manage by yourself.

Q : If the destination is not ready for placement, what to do ?
A : We have security storage space for rent.

Q : What items are prohibited to transport ?
A : Illegal items such as guns, weapons, flammable materials, drugs, etc.


Q : What to do if the moving locations are difficult to reach ?
A : You should send the location or explain details.

Q : Do I have to be while Goodmove is packaging ?
A : We suggest that you should stay. In order to inform the staff of what should be specially treated.

Q : How to store certain items that you want to keep in the box ?
A : You can keep it in the box separately. We can also prepare the box for you too.




Q : Is there a moving guarantee ?
A : We have insurance for the company's. Details of damage insurance can be found at https://en.goodmove-th.com/15734439/warranty-goods

Q : How to book a queue ?
A :Please confirm and provide us with all relevant information. Then, adhere to the payment method. And we will confirm that the queue reservation is complete.

Q: Does the service cover all areas?
A: We service nationwide and internationally for more than 120 countries.

Q: Is there a credit card service?
A: Welcome with all credit cards.

Q : Where is Goodmove located ?
A : Office and warehouse are in Bang Bon.

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