Packing Goods

Packaging meant to include container or wrapper to reduce friction and shocks that cause damage to transport and easy to transport.


 1. Corrugated paper and Box packaging.

Carton is the main packaging material for transporting a variety of sizes should check that the box is in good condition, not torn Use boxes in different sizes depending on the item. And choose the items to fit the size of the box, with standard size 30x40x29 cm sizes., 42x4 4x45 cm., 55x45x45 cm.

The wavy corrugated paper, corrugated paper can reduce the impact and scratch resistant as well. Both thin and thick. On some models can be bent or folded. For goods wrapped with square shape. But not suitable for wrapping of a curved or rounded. The heavy strength Suitable for leg cabinet table next to the bed at the edges of objects that may have been affected. Or may be used as a divider between the top of the box was. The disadvantage is that, May tear easily When you scratch the object or the other, so may a transparent plastic film is wrapped up again just to be safe.

1.1 Small box ( 1 cubic size   wide 29.3 x deep 39.3 x high 28.6 cm. )
1.2 Medium box ( 3 cubic size   wide 41.9 x deep 43.4 x high 44.7 cm. )
1.3 Large box ( 5 cubic size   wide 54.5 x deep 44.8 x high 44.7 cm. )
1.4 Documents box ( size wide 30.5 x deep 50.8 x high 38.1 cm. )
1.5 Horizontal box ( size wide 52.5 x deep 97.7 x high 23.9 cm. )
1.6  Hanging clothes box ( size wide 50.0 x deep 58.5 x high 97.3 cm. )
1.7 Quirk cushioning and corrugated edges of the product.
1.8 Rolls of corrugated packing products.


 2. Crate box packaging

Ideal for packing large pieces of heavy and fragile, like a vase or a large statue. Purchased from the fruit market warehouse or store material. Antique storeIt's very large. Wood chips may be used to power a simple and before packing into crates. Materials should prevent any contact between the layer of the crates. Some crates and boxes that do not stand for it, so we get the Pallet.

 3. Plastic wrap

No single type of plastic used to wrap food. However, as the plastic used to wrap furniture. Which is thicker than a little convenient, because plastic can stick together without tape. Ergonomic package that just do not want to mess up. Be careful not to break the story, such as upholstery, mattress, chairs or armchairs. Purchased at a stationery shop. Or store plastic Both meters are cut and sold for a large roll. A wide variety of sizes, most have a width of 50 cm length 300 m.



 4. Bubble wrap

 The encapsulated material, broken or prevent scratches very well. With a thin sheet You can bend shape objects wrapped it all. Purchased at a stationery shop online. But the relatively high price Should buy a big roll. Which has a width of approximately 1.20 m.   Prices will be able to use a large piece of plastic wrap cushioning are two types. 

     4.1  EPE foam with a thickness of 1 mm. In size 1.3x1 mm. ,, 0.6x5 mm., 0.65x10 mm.

     4.2  Air bubble is a bubble of air cushioning makes good size 1.3x1 mm., 0.6x5 mm., 0.65x10 mm.


5. Flannel

The encapsulated material, broken or prevent scratches very well. The manner in which the fabric is thin and toughness. The curved shape of articles to be wrapped up by the form. Can be re-used again, saving costs to customers for the removal work temporarily with another (which does not move to store and move to other provinces and foreign) policy of the company. it saves natural resources and reduces global warming, too. 

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