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1. Do not use the auspicious birth Sunday to a Friday and Tuesday.
2. Do not know who was born on Monday, Sunday and Thursday.
3. Do not use the auspicious birthday Tuesday at a Monday and Sunday.
4. Wednesday (Daytime) Do not use the auspicious day (night).
5. Do not use the auspicious birth Thursday to a Saturday.
6. Do not use the auspicious birth Friday to a Wednesday (night), Saturday 7. Do not use the day as an auspicious day (day) and Friday.
8. Wednesday (Night) Do not use an auspicious day on Wednesday and Thursday.


Meaningful and auspicious introduction to the ninth.

1. Master auspicious Tlit
The first such occasion, 10 and 19 called Tlit masters know that the modest miserably those who would have exhausted the patience of those responsible. This auspicious occasion of "Sugar Punch" Sun has a keeper auspicious occasion as four baht in the same zodiac sign as "restorative auspicious" occasion is completely full. The occasion was not without break baht on each occasion to sign and called the occasion or reason kyat Khan is an auspicious occasion for. Getting things It is considered auspicious to lift the strike. What would make it easier to get engaged to marry loan debt to make any complaint to please others poor. Open grocery old worn job making any new initiatives.


2. Tim Knowles rooms occasion.
Including Mark 2, 11 and 20, called the Pahang Tim Knowles know that rich people who heyday millionaire with the moon as keeper Mark baht auspicious and four are in the old site as a "restoration of infrastructures" is auspicious for the sacred. such as building a new home wedding. Business Commercial, industrial, retail, open, and all Las Sikkabt exorcise ceremony.


3. Joe occasion
Including Mark 3, 12 and 21, called Joe know that bandit who robbed the thieving thugs who used a devastating brave the mighty fleet, with Mars as keeper auspicious occasion baht and 4 are not included in the zodiac. same Cancer is the second overlap "ฉintฤkษs" is a particularly auspicious of the zodiac of the baht. Baht THB more serious than an occasion. Mike is a very serious place. Do not auspicious The occasion for Ancient people used to plunder the camp. Attack suddenly confesses forced to suppress. Race controversy The scramble for power and benefits and risks in the short term, the revolutionary party in black uniforms were.


4. Landscape know Paloma
The occasion include four, 13 and 22, called Landscape Palo occasion that the keeper. Budha is a keeper auspicious occasion as four baht in the same zodiac sign as a Reconstruction auspicious occasion for the sacred task that demands permanent. Work on leasing agricultural land, build a house construction lifted the spirit married housewarming Las Sikkabt opening ceremony, all the shops and all.


5. Pour the auspicious Marine Science
Also know that five, 14 and 23, called Tech Marine Science occasion that the local prostitute Rover. Sometimes referred to as "the auspicious Ewsi" means auspicious traders - traders. His Saturday as keeper Mark baht auspicious and four on the old one and the old one of 2 baht per occasion is overlapped on my half is in Taurus and Gemini, Virgo and Libra, and Korn with Aquarius is auspicious Blow or. dot or auspicious occasion as auspicious for Latinos. And trade contacts between the residents. About fun persuade people to turn out very theater entertainment places brothel hotel cinema market and shopping. Career outings nomadic professional career to move up.


6. auspicious Devi
Including Mark 6, 15 and 24, called Devi know that Queen Beauty elegant charm fortune and wills with the Sun as keeper Mark baht auspicious and four are in my same restorative occasion was auspicious that. head to the occasion fortune was friendly. To approach adult The engagement and marriage The bride and sent into the loft. The parties want a reputable and attractive art works decorate the prestigious class. Wholesale jewelry salon garment. PR Sikkabt leave the house to seek love and peace all the goodies ceremony.


7. Mark hangman
Including estimating the seventh, 16th and 25th occasion that called the executioner who acts killed. There are Rahu as keeper auspicious occasion baht in four distinct lack of same and opposite Joe occasion called "Trinidad Donna" is the end of my third occasion baht and the old one occasion baht should not be so propitious for the ceremony at all. stand occasion (of the occasion) is the ideal occasion. The foolish and dangerous obstacles Volunteers make a big fight in the risky business judges. Convicted The use of decisive action. Ceremony superstition Chanted occult talismans to create a sacred object invulnerable. Building public housing charity Open Hospital Treatment of chronic disease is difficult to anoint marches armament. Build churches Rai Similar to Joe occasion I know this is stronger than.
8. auspicious time
Including the auspicious eighth, 17th and 26th-called auspicious time that the Great. The ascendancy King Friday was a royal treat the four auspicious occasion baht in the same old restored auspicious occasion as the statements of the adult. Leading up to the king's affairs. It is an ideal occasion for ceremony Applied town. Create an imprint The need to convince others to follow. The inauguration event Seeking Fame To approach adult Elegant wedding prestigious Las Sikkabt a new house (common man should leave. If I know that I shall not be used. To fortune and appropriate) and all the ceremony.
9. Mark the Mano
Including estimating the ninth, 18th and 27th occasion that called the mano (a religious order priest, Ketu are the auspicious occasion baht treat all four in the same zodiac sign. But this is the last occasion baht last drop of my eye I call "the stinky kyat auspicious auspicious or Khan" is the point of having a dangerous effect on competition applicable statements about peace in good faith. The occasion for Rituals religious and priests as compensation Naga ordination and casting the sacred. He was educated and did everything to calm peaceful. Relief on this auspicious merit as housewarming merit renewal.
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