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Auspicious time for moving house to increase auspiciousness in 2024. Moving house in the year of the dragon.

Auspicious time for moving house, moving house, moving office to a new house.
Helps enhance prosperity for yourself and everyone living there.

  Moving house or moving office is like starting something new. Everyone expects that good things will happen this time. Therefore, auspicious times are taken into account. In deciding whether to move a house Or when will this office move start? What day is best to move into a new house?

Important beliefs about moving house in the Year of the Dragon

In the Year 2024, according to Thai astrologers, it is considered the Year of the Golden Dragon or the Great Serpent. In Chinese astrology, it is also the Year of the Dragon. Most Thai people anticipate positive changes and significant developments in their lives during this year, especially in the areas of economy, work, and trade. It is believed that prosperity will return, and financial stability will prevail. The Year of the Dragon symbolizes security, growth, and good fortune in Chinese culture.

The importance of finding a good time for moving house in the Year of the Dragon.

Belief in finding an auspicious time for moving house is part of the wisdom and culture of many groups of people around the world. Each culture has different methods and traditions based on local religious, traditional, and scientific beliefs. Here are some examples of beliefs related to finding an auspicious time for moving house:

  • Position of the Moon and Sun: Some cultures believe that choosing the best day to move house must consider the position of the Moon and Sun. That affects choosing the best day and month. It is believed that it affects changes in life, fortune and happiness in the lives of its residents.

  • Belief in the sacredness of the day: Some cultures believe that there are religiously important or sacred days that influence new beginnings. Moving house on a day like this may bring good fortune and success in the future.

  • Smoothness of family members: The belief in finding an auspicious time for moving house is based on the principle that if you choose a good day Homeowners and residents are also often supported. Smooth financial career and good luck in your new beginning.

  • Avoid bad days that may cause problems or accidents for people in the house: The belief about finding a good time is to avoid days that may result in accidents, problems or misfortunes arising from moving house.

Before looking at the auspicious time for moving house, Good Move would like to give an example of choosing a location for a new home.

  1. Convenient transportation, with easy access to public transportation. Traveling to places near or far does not have to be tiring of driving. Save fuel It also helps reduce pollution.
  2. Not far from work In addition to saving travel time There is still time left for us to rest.
  3. Near hospital If you get sick can be treated promptly

For some people, the auspicious time for moving house may be based on their birthday. Auspicious time of the year Or you may use a convenient time. They all share the same belief that if you look at the auspicious time, it will bring good things to the moving. Auspicious things come in You can easily find the auspicious time to move to a new house by yourself as follows.

Auspicious time to move house to increase auspiciousness

  1. Born on Sunday Do not use the auspicious times that are Friday and Tuesday.
  2. Born on Monday Do not use Sunday and Thursday auspicious times.
  3. Born on Tuesday Do not use auspicious times that are Monday and Sunday.
  4. Born on Wednesday (day) must not use the auspicious time that is Wednesday (night).
  5. Born onThursday Do not use the auspicious time that is Saturday.
  6. Born on Friday Do not use auspicious times that are Wednesday (night) and Saturday.
  7. Born on Saturday Do not use auspicious times that are Wednesday (daytime) and Friday.
  8. Born on Wednesday (night) must not use the auspicious times that are Thursday and Wednesday daytime.

In astrology, there are 9 auspicious times as follows:


  1. Talithorek
    Including the 1st, 10th, and 19th auspicious times, called Talitho auspicious times, meaning those who are careless, those who are miserable, those who ask, those who must be weary, those who are patient, those who are highly responsible. This auspicious time is the auspicious time of "Chuchok". The sun is the auspicious timekeeper. All 4 auspicious times are in the same zodiac sign as "Bharat auspicious time", that is, the auspicious time is completely full. It is an auspicious time that is not separated into different zodiac signs and is called Chattur auspicious time or Khantha auspicious time. It is an auspicious time suitable for asking for things Because it is considered an auspicious time for Chuchok. It's easy to make any requests, such as engagement proposals, marriage proposals, debt collection, loans, complaints, doing anything to make others feel pity. Open a grocery store, buy old and damaged items, apply for a job, do any new initiative.

  2. Mahatthanorak
    Including the 2nd, 11th, and 20th auspicious times, called Mahadthano Rerk, meaning rich people, prosperous people, millionaires. The moon is the auspicious keeper. All 4 auspicious times are in the same zodiac sign as "Bharat auspicious time" which is an auspicious time suitable for various auspicious occasions. For example, housewarming, getting married, building a building. financial business Industrial trade, opening stores, passing the priesthood, warding off bad luck, and various auspicious ceremonies.

  3. Joro Rerk
    Including the 3rd, 12th and 21st auspicious times, called Joro Rerk, meaning thief, robber, thief, thug, force user, destroyer, brave, powerful, nimble person. Mars is the keeper of the auspicious time. The 4 auspicious times are not included in the zodiac signs. same The 2 zodiac signs overlap with each other as "Chintharuk", meaning the auspicious time is broken, especially the first step of that zodiac sign. It is an auspicious time that is more serious than any other baht. It is a very serious matter. You should not give auspicious times. It is an auspicious time that is suitable for Ancient people used to rob camps. Sudden attack, intimidation, coercion, repression. scramble competition The struggle for power and benefits, short-term risky work, revolution, the work of people in uniform using force.

  4. Bhumipala Rerk
    Including the 4th, 13th and 22nd auspicious times, it is called Bhumipalo auspicious time, meaning keeper of the land. Mercury is the keeper of the auspicious time. All 4 auspicious times are in the same zodiac sign as a restorative auspicious time. It is an auspicious time suitable for various auspicious occasions and jobs that require permanent stability. Work related to land, agriculture, leasing, construction, building a house, raising a royal shrine, marriage, housewarming, farewell to monks, opening of buildings, shops, and all sorts of auspicious ceremonies.

  5. Thesatri auspicious time
    Including the 5th, 14th, and 23rd auspicious times, called Thesattri Ruek, which means cross-country, harlot, traveler. Sometimes it is called "Vesiyo Rerk", meaning an auspicious time for merchants and sellers. Saturn is the keeper of the auspicious time. The 4 auspicious signs are at the end of one sign and the beginning of one sign. Each sign has 2 auspicious signs, that is, they overlap in half of each sign, that is, in the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini, Virgo and Libra, and Makara and Aquarius. It is an auspicious time or Pinduruek or Tinruek is an auspicious time suitable for International trade contact work About having fun and attracting many people in and out, opening theaters, entertainment venues, brothels, hotels, movie theaters, markets and shopping centers. Occupations outside of work, nomadic occupations, occupations that require constant moving.

  6. Devi Rerk
    Including the 6th, 15th, and 24th auspicious times, it is called Devi Rerk, meaning queen, beauty, luxury, charm, fortune, and the fulfillment of wishes. Jupiter is the auspicious keeper. All 4 auspicious times are in the same zodiac sign. It is the Restorak auspicious time. Aiming to bring good fortune, it is an auspicious time suitable for approaching elders engagement and marriage Sending the bride off and entering the dormitory Doing business that requires fame and charm, honorable work, high-class decorative art work. Open a jewelry store, beauty salon, tailoring shop. Public relations, farewell to the monkhood, housewarming, asking for love, work for peace and order, and all kinds of auspicious ceremonies.

  7. Auspicious executioner
    Including the 7th, 16th and 25th auspicious times, it is called the executioner auspicious time, meaning the one who performs the task of killing. There is Rahu who is the keeper of the auspicious time. The 4 auspicious signs are separated from each other and are opposite to the Joro auspicious time, called "Trini Eka", that is, at the end of the 3 auspicious sign and the beginning of the 1 auspicious sign, it should not be given as an auspicious time at all. Chantharuk (auspicious time) is an auspicious time suitable for Overcoming dangers and obstacles Fighting in various dangers, volunteering for big jobs, doing missions to suppress enemies. decide a lawsuit Work that requires decisive decision-making Perform a black magic ceremony Consecrate magical amulets, add talisman numbers, create sacred objects that are invulnerable to magic. Create public offerings Open a hospital Treatment of chronic diseases that are difficult to cure, medicinal measures, anointing weapons and weapons Build a sermon church Similar to Joro Rerk But this time will be stronger.

  8. Auspicious time
    Including the 8th, 17th, and 26th auspicious times, called Raja Raksa, which means great person. powerful person Lord of the Land Venus is the keeper of the auspicious time. All 4 auspicious times are in the same zodiac sign, called Burana auspicious time. It is an auspicious time only for the affairs of the elders. Business leaders up to the king It is an auspicious time for royal ceremonies, government events, and city events. Create a residence Work that you want to influence others to follow. accepting a job position seeking fame and honor approaching elders A luxurious and dignified wedding ceremony, farewell to the monkhood, housewarming (ordinary people should refrain from If you can't find an auspicious time, you can use it. for fate and suitability) and all auspicious events

  9. Sammon auspicious time
    Including the 9th, 18th, and 27th auspicious times, called Samano Raksa, meaning (peaceful and orderly). Priests and religious teachers have Phra Ketu as the keeper of the auspicious times. All 4 auspicious times are at the end of the same zodiac sign. But this last auspicious time is exactly the most severed nawan in the zodiac, called the "Chattra auspicious time or Khantha auspicious time". Therefore, it is a point that has negative effects causing various dangers in competition. It can be used only in matters of peace and honesty. It is an auspicious time that is suitable for Perform religious and ecclesiastical ceremonies such as making merit, giving ordination, casting Buddha images and sacred objects. Receive education and do everything for peace, tranquility and happiness. You can help during this auspicious time, such as making merit for housewarming and making merit for renewal.

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When you have an auspicious time to move house What are the things you need to prepare before moving into a new house?

Tips for moving house and arranging your home for good fortune in 2024


  • Choose the auspicious color of the dragon year to decorate your home: emerald green. It is a color that symbolizes growth and rebirth. This may be used in combination with other colors such as brown 0, purple, red and yellow. They can be used as home decorations, wall paint or furniture inside the home.

  • Adjust your home to open up and welcome good energy: Having qi or wind flowing through your home will help increase luck and money flowing in. For any house that does business or sales Preparing to keep your house open after moving Keep it neat and orderly. Do not allow dirt to be an obstacle to your money. It will help your business this year to be prosperous and prosperous throughout the year.

  • There must be enough sunlight inside the house: If the sunlight doesn't reach you, turn on white lights to help increase positive energy inside the house. This is because a house that is too dark will have yin energy that can make people in the house lazy, slow, and unsuccessful.

  • Decorate the house with auspicious trees or symbols of the dragon year: after moving the house is complete. Find a tree with a good meaning to decorate your home because the power of nature is a power that brings stability and prosperity. Or add a dragon painting or decoration. Come and decorate it in the house. It will help attract positive energy and enhance auspiciousness.

  • Increase wealth with a fountain or fish bowl: It should be placed in the southeastern or northern direction of the house. The power of water will help add wealth and positive energy to your home.



For moving house Or moving offices according to auspicious times is only a personal belief. Most of the time, they tend to look at the auspicious time for moving house. Move your office before moving for peace of mind. and in order to add prosperity to the home and office However, looking at auspicious times is not all about starting good things, but it is up to the residents to create those good things.

For anyone who has plans to move their house. Move the office whether it's according to an auspicious time. or convenient time And don't know how to start moving. How should large items be moved? Good move, a complete moving service company. The way you don't have to do anything. To start a new life in your new place. It goes smoothly.



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