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If talking about the move avoids a hectic sounds aching immediately. The entire collection will be moved out of the old box kind. Use a leaf is enough to store and how not to see the damage.

Where are you moving large pieces of furniture. Then, when the house will also be held in the home. Just think what to do. I feel tired, Another way to help you prepare before moving. Packing up the boxes for transport to the preparation of his new home. To move your home is easier and more productive. It's important to prepare to move out of the house. It is the process of collection of the box. Appears to be a hassle. It is a very important step in this process and if you prepare well. Allows the remaining steps in the transport and distribution of a new home is very simple.

Step of moving How to prevent packing before moving.

Plate glass picture frame is the same. It should be kept together In order from large to small. If stackable to save even more space. If the material is fragile The material should be wrapped defense before packing. If the box has a lot of space. Should put foam or paper stuffed into a box filled with empty space. To prevent the impact of the now broken during transport.

Clothing should not be put before the garments. And then store it for later, put the clothes stacked by several fold or roll it saves a lot of space. But clothes can be folded like a jacket or a silk dress. You may take the shape Side holes on the edge of the box. Then insert a PVC pipe rack on top. To make a mobile wardrobe Time moves will not crease or can order a box with clothes rack standby pallet size 50x50x100 cm from us.
The book should be classified by size Then packed the book with a similar size in the same book, and should be placed vertical. Allows packing more. Books should not be combined in a very large box. The camera will weigh much moved inconvenience. Should provide just enough lift. To protect the box and the box may be torn during transport.
Shoes should not be kept by overlapping. Because the shoes Style The Shoe Box Keep the box Then, write a note attached to the box that was kind of shoes to ease the search box or without shoes. May be stored together in a large box, and shoes that are similar in size to a flat layer. Then using corrugated cardboard, or between the layers. Using empty soda cans placed at the corners of the box. To help keep the weight pressing down on the shoes.
Appliances, the best way is to pack electronic appliances into the box from the factory, but if there should disassemble the removable cover with plastic wrap cushioning. Then containing various pieces of equipment of the same type in the same box or bag for easy navigation to the operator. Type a cord winder be right, or entangled with the unit during transport. Appliances should be placed in the direction of normal use. Should not be placed horizontally or inclined Because the machine could be damaged.
Furniture such as cabinets or desk drawers or beds if sheets. You should disassemble to wrap separately. The cabinet doors or sliding doors, use ropes or tape to secure the door to the cabinet. To facilitate the move For the big pieces that can not be wrapped at all. Should paper or plastic bumper around the edge or corner. But if we move to Uses a thick duvet wrapped for protection.
Glass or fragile items, use corrugated paper or plastic wrap multiple layers of cushioning. Then, be careful or are in the clear. And should be placed in the vertical.
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