Step of office relocation service

    Ready to start in a new office Without compromising on your business anymore, with the turnkey office moving service from Good move Professional Movers, you will not have to worry about these problems. Don't know how to start? Which boxes are needed for storing things, moving from the old office, and what kind of boxes? Do you have a document box or a computer box? How many leaves will be enough and how to keep things from damage? Where is the transportation of large pieces of furniture such as desks and file cabinets? And when he arrived at the new office, he still had to arrange the things Where to find a car to transport Where will the cart again? Where can I find a place to store things in the office? You will not have to worry about these problems. Will help you prepare before moving to the office Box packing and wrapping Protection of moving areas to reorganization of the office To make your office relocation easier Will make you move on time And get started with the new office smoothly With the following important steps.



1. Just contact us. We will ask for details from you before doing a job survey and estimate the price, such as the place of origin and destination, quantity of items.You can submit photos of items and details. Through the following channels.

- Phone number 02-114-7574 press 1 Customer Service

- E-mail : (info, individual name or organizational unit) followed by @ only.

- Line ID : @goodmove

- Facebook :

- All information on the website :


2. Make an appointment to make an appointment for the day you need to survey the site.


3. Make an agreement and make an appointment for the date you need to move.


4. Take the packing box to contain personal items before the day of moving and start work.


5. Check the item condition and quantity by the team leader.


6. Another very important step. That is the process of packing things. Whether to pack documents Boxed computer Or to wrap up furniture such as desks, conference tables and file cabinets.

- Documents and personal items. You will be packed into the boxes before the moving day. We will bring the box to you to store personal belongings first such as important documents, personal documents, personal accessories.


- Documents and supplies. We will take the document box and the belongings to put in the box and note the name, address, room number or work desk. So easy to place as you want.


- Computer. We have a dedicated computer monitor box. The box size is wider than the normal size M box to accommodate the computer screen size properly. Inside, we wrap the screen with a wrapper or bubble air cushion and write down the name, address, room number or desk. So easy to place as you want.


- furnitures. We will have a very good wrapping such as desks, conference tables, file cabinets, sofas, desks, shelves and partitions.


- Glass or broken items. Use corrugated or plastic wrap for several layers. Then make a careful symbol or mark in an obvious spot And should be placed vertically.


7. Disassemble furniture that is too large to be moved from the space, such as desks, conference tables, file cabinets, partitions.


8. Protect the area of transport at the origin, such as moving out of place, stairs, elevators, exit gates, various gaps.


9. Carry things into the car and check whether the objects on the car are stable or not to prevent the vibration may damage the items.


10. Go to your destination, then protect the destination area and unload the vehicle into the new office.


11. Bring items into the space and place them at various points according to name, address, room number or work desk. According to the point you want.


12. Assemble the removed furniture back to the place you want.


13. Unpack the package from the box that we have packed at the origin and place in various places. As usual or according to your preferred point.


14. We ask for permission to take pictures of the team and you as a joint work.


15. Take care of the transfer until the end. Check orderliness Sign the document, close the event and say goodbye to you.



"You're ready to start in your new office. Without compromising on your business anymore with a complete office relocation service by Good move Professional Movers team."

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