How to moving the machine?

How to move the machine?

How should large industrial machines be transported? Good move
We offer a professional factory machinery relocation service.


   It is normal for an industrial factory to expand its production base to a new location or to import new, modern machinery to the industry. Therefore, the existing machinery must be moved to a new production base or some old machinery must be moved out. And then importing new machines to the work area, but it's not easy to move large machines, so we have to use a machine moving service with a company that has expertise and high professionalism to prevent mistakes and machine damage during moving.

Many companies that have to work with various machines. If you have to move a large machine that is complicated in work, you may be worried about how to move the machine? Because moving the machine is not an easy task, many questions may arise during planning and preparation such as

✔ large machinery How to disassemble?
✔ How to move it without getting damaged?
✔ Will the machine be installed as before or not?

Because it's not just about the transport tools that need to be large and versatile enough to safely transport your machinery. It also requires manpower and knowledge and expertise with that type of machine as well, when knowing that choosing a company that is professional in moving machinery Come to help your industrial factory work… Good move Professional Mover therefore presents another of our moving services that meet the needs of customers who are entrepreneurs in various industries. Our services are standardized to help you ensure that every step of the moving process goes smoothly.

And before getting to know the professional methods and procedures, how good is Good Move's moving machines? The first thing you should do is to prepare the floor for moving the machine. In the case of moving from the old factory to the new factory will have to prepare both places by itself And the correct way to prepare the area should be done as follows. 

  • Old and new areas must not have obstructions in moving : including cleaning those areas clean and tidy because in industrial plants there may be dust or oil stains that may cause harm or damage to people and machines during transportable

  • Machine parts that can be disassembled and cleaned : to increase the convenience of transporting and ready for use when reassembling the machine. 

How to move machinery? with 5 service steps “Machine moving” professionally from Good move Professional Mover

  1. We have a team to survey the site : As mentioned above, the first thing you will need to prepare before moving the machine is to prepare the area for both the old and new moving locations. Therefore, it is best to have experienced staff to guide and assess the difficulty or what you need to prepare for moving the machine along with our work procedures for you to know before starting the actual work.

  2. We have a full range of equipment and tools to help move large machines : Because moving large equipment is difficult without tools to help you, at Good move Professional Mover we have the tools to help you move. Moving and supporting tools that can be used in a complete range, such as jacks for lifting machines from 5 tons to 10 tons, single and double rollers for medium-sized machines, hand-drawn rollers to support the movement of large machines with weight of 40-50 tons, including a forklift or forklift to lift the machine from a height, etc.

  3. We have a team that has expertise in different types of machines : when there is a good moving tool, if there is a lack of people who are skilled in moving and have knowledge of different types of machines, it may cause chaos and damage during moving as well. Therefore, at Good move Professional Mover, we prepare our machine moving staff to have such important skills before going to work.

  4. We have skilled movers who are highly skilled in encapsulating equipment during transport: it is equally important to prepare the area, tools and skilled workers to help move your equipment smoothly and safely. Absolutely forgot another important step. Is to encapsulate the machine to prevent falling or bumping during transportation. For machines that are large and heavy, it is necessary to use someone with expertise. and adequate encapsulation equipment

    What techniques does Good move Professional Mover have for moving machines? We have techniques and equipment that help wrap the machine safely during transportation, such as choosing thick bubble wrap for wrapping the machine outside, corrugated paper for wrapping the corners of the machine. and nylon rope For the fastening between the bubble corrugated paper and the machine firmly so that it will not come off while transporting and sometimes we add more security by putting in a wooden crate before transporting as well. 

  5. We have a team of professionals and have expertise in disassembling and installing machines that need to be moved as well : because disassembling and installing machines Especially in your factory, there are no technicians who are skilled in disassembling and installing machines. It may be a hassle to contact the company that sells that machine, but at Good move we have a team of professionals and have expertise in moving machines that will help reduce the burden of your moving, which our team can work with a mechanic who can supervise the machine.


Good move Professional Mover understands that each move of equipment requires planning and a good move process. to prevent mistakes and damage So we have service Machine moving Professionally to help the work of companies and factories. with the need to import new machinery to the factory or moving machinery to a new production base In order to go smoothly and not damage the high-value machines. It is therefore important to choose a professional and standard equipment moving company.


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