Office Relocation Service


Let's start of the new office. Without disrupting your business further by office relocation service by a professional team of Good Move professional movers.

 Do you have a headache with these issues or not?

  • Do not know where to start? has a lots of schedue daily work.
  • Has a lots of documents and furniture.
  • To find anyone to be mover.
  • Large pieces of furniture, how to raise it. Be damaged or not?
  • Has boxs for the document and computer?
  • How to use the vehicle to transport it. large or small size trucks?
  • How to move? Who has a Cart for you?
  • Will be completed on time or not?
  • The furniture etc. tables, cabinets, large How to disassemble it.
  • Also the storege service to keep your goods.

You don't have to worry about the problems and difficulties in the office relocation anymore.

Professional relocation office . Along with a team of experts. Strong planning, quality materials and modern vehicles. Simply contact us Frustration chaos It is not an obstacle for starting a new job in your new office anymore.

By full service of moving

  • For instructions on moving offices and services that you can choose from.
  • Publication of the detailed survey Assess the volume and duration of the work.
  • Recommended preparation for agencies
  • Statement of Administrative Services
  • Confirmed the moving plan and detail services.
  • Suggest what needs special care.
  • Prepare materials for vehicles and service team.
  • Moving follow to the deal.
  • Documentation of moving has completed.
  • Control of moving to complete.

Managed by

  • ​   Planning
  •     Quick and easy
  •      Give the best suggestion
  •       Handle with care
  •      Professional Team
  •      Fully of equipment
  •     Always on time
  •    Vehicle standards

Let the problem to be our responsibility.
So you get ready for starting in a new office so happily, by Good Move Professional movers. *** Price starts at only THB1,300 ***

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