The best moving trucks and matireal for use of Good move company

The best moving trucks and matireal for use of Good move company

We make moving for your hard to be easy


We believe that many people who know that they have to pack their belongings in preparation for “moving houses” “moving things” may have the idea of ​​wanting to shake their heads and wave goodbye to the headaches and chaos that are coming. If you have to deal with miscellaneous appliances in the whole house. Because of the size alone, just to organize these things into place, it can be called exhaustion from the beginning of the planning process before moving that stuff. Where should you start managing your belongings first? And how should each item be stored? Including what items should be stored first or later to prevent all of our things from being damaged. All of this does not include storing large items of furniture in the home such as refrigerators, wardrobes, beds, or bookshelves. That seems to be a big deal beyond our body, not least.


Today, we would like to bring everyone to know the person who provides a moving company. by providing house moving services moving office An all-in-one solution from Goodmove Professional Movers, a professional moving company that will help make your hectic home and office relocations comfortable and easy. More with excellent materials, equipment and services from a quality team that can assure you that all your belongings will be well taken care of during the move to your new home.


Matireal and equipment for use of Good move company



1. Corrugated boxes and corrugated backing

corrugated box or as we tend to call it carton box It is regarded as one of the most important basic equipment that is widely used for packing equipment before moving things. This will prevent them from being damaged during house and office moving. and help facilitate movers to move goods more conveniently This is because the corrugated part on the corrugated board has the ability to reduce friction, impact and prevent scratches during house move. In addition, corrugated boxes and corrugated board sheets can also be cut, bent or folded easily. Therefore, it is suitable for use to support the legs of a table, wardrobe, bed, or to be used conveniently in the corners of objects.

however Caution in the use of corrugated boxes and corrugated board is torn and damaged. This may be caused by being scratched or scratched hard by the corner of the object. Or it may be caused by being hit by water during the moving of the house and causing it to decompose. Therefore, in order to prevent these corrugated boxes and corrugated board from being damaged to the point of being unusable. People who pack things should find a clear plastic film to wrap around the corrugated box one more time for added strength.

2. Wooden crate box

Wooden crates are one of the ideal transport packaging for handling large, heavy, and easily breakable loads. For example, a vase or a large statue. And in addition, wooden crates are also used for packing items, appliances, furniture, including various industrial machines that need to be moved internationally. To prevent these items from being damaged by being crushed or crushed during transport.

The wooden crates can be divided into 2 types: Wooden Crates, where pine wood is heat treated to make the wood dry until it is difficult to mold and safe from insects. wood already Come forged into a box shape by placing the wood in a ribbed manner so that the product inside can be seen. and Wooden Case, which is a wooden crate box made from strong pine and plywood. That has been heat treated to make the wood strong and able to withstand impact and can bear weight as well. and fumigated to prevent wood-eating insects The thickness of the solid wooden crates are available in sizes 6 mm., 10 mm., and 15 mm., which can be considered as appropriate for the product.

3. Clear plastic

Clear plastic is plastic that is produced from plastic pellets of type PVC (PVC), making it strong and durable. and is highly flexible They are also very convenient to use as these clear plastics can be bonded together without the use of tape. As a result, transparent plastic has become one of the products that are popular for wrapping furniture that does not need to be careful about breakage. for example Cushion or mattress and armchairs, etc., in order to prevent these items from getting dirty during transport.

4. Shockproof plastic

shockproof plastic or bubble wrap It is another protective device that is commonly used for wrapping fragile and fragile items in order to prevent damage during transport. This is because shockproof plastic has good flexibility and shock absorption resulting from uniformly sized air bubbles on the plastic sheet. In addition, some shockproof plastics have anti-static properties. Therefore, it is suitable for use in moving electronic items such as phone parts. hard disk drive or various circuit boards that are sensitive to electric charge as well

5. Moving blanket or shockproof wrapping furniture

Moving blanket is another cushioning product that can be used to effectively wrap items to prevent breakage, damage or scratching during transport. And in addition, moving blanket can be reused many times without affecting the impact protection performance. thus allowing users to save costs. And can help the world save natural resources as well.


Type for moving trucks of Good move company



For moving truck Goodmove offers a full range of moving trucks that can be used in a wide variety of applications depending on the number or size of items to be transported. and also comes with close care of the truck Including regular inspection of standards and safety as follows:


High roof pickup truck, capacity 6.5 cubic, weight 1,000 kg, suitable for moving items with relatively small volume such as moving dormitories. Condo moving work, etc.

Medium jumbo truck with a capacity of 10.5 cubic meters, with a load capacity of 1,400 kg. Suitable for moving items with relatively large volumes such as house moving. Small shop moving Moving product booths, etc.

Big truck 6-7 meter size with a capacity of 30 cubic meters, with a load capacity of 5,000 kilograms, suitable for moving large items such as office moving. Moving restaurants, etc.

Truck mounted crane , capacity 18 cubic meters, load capacity 5,000 kilograms, suitable for moving very large items such as moving machinery. boat moving Moving Buddha statues, etc.


Good move Professional Movers we are a transport company that is a leader in moving services. Since disassembling, packing, shipping by post chartered space moving service Storage service and storage room rental Logistics management Both domestic and international and installed and placed in place. To make moving house and office relocation more convenient and easy.


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