Good move X Ananda

Good move x Ananda

Good move would like to thank Ananda Development public real estate project for allowing us to cooperate with you by joining the Ananda member club project to give a discount to your residents by receiving a discount code via Application COCORO


Updated 3 November 2022


It has started!! 20% discount

• Start cost 4,000THB for moving servie (Not including to pack stuff in to boxes)

• Start cost 4,500THB for full moving service

• for Ananda residents.




By the process of receiving a 20% discount

• Press to receive rights via Ananda's Cocoro app by following this link

• Once you get the discount code and save your phone screen.

• Contact to inquire about moving services to estimate the price and send a picture of the code page from Cocoro of Ananda project to the contact channel of Good move at
 - Line Official account :
 - Facebook Page inbox :
 - Email :

• Only when you use the service You will be entitled to a 20% discount when moving with Good move.




Terms of use

• Terms and conditions for using rights, limited to 1 right per 1 account

• Discount for Ananda customers, code and only through Ananda's Cocoro app.

• Discount cannot be combined with other discounts or reduced from other additional rights.

• 20% discount promotion, limited only in Bangkok and perimeter areas only. If the moving area is outside of Bangkok and its vicinities, when you use moving services, moving costs 15,000 baht onwards, get a discount of 1,200 baht.

• Term and condition as designate by the company.



Contact to ask moving service with Good move

Tel : 02-114-7574
Line,offial account id : @goodmove
Facebook Page : Good move Link :
Email :
Google map :
Website :

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