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Good move, we provide you with expertise in moving. Which Good move's moving service is not just hold, move and place at destination to another place like general moving, but Good move has other services that are more than moving, namely miscellaneous items are Good move have to packed into the boxes for you. The pack will be carefully packed before being carefully sorted into the box. In addition to packing things into boxes, Good Move also offers furniture removal and installation services. Every piece of furniture or fuerniture parts will be wrapped with moving blanket. When transported to the destination, the moving team will place them in the desired location. and expertly assemble furniture by a team of Good move technicians


Updated 16 December 2022

We will updates all mood, feel and work on the job site at Good Move, moving your house for you without you having to do anything. And where is our moving anywhere and everywhere service available?


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Good move. Thank you customers for using the moving service with us during the past 25-26 February
Premium moving service at an affordable price by Good move. Whether it's a house moving service, condo moving, including office moving. Good move will be manage the plan of moving for you everything. Whether it's packing or put stuff into boxes furniture disassembly, careful handling and to protect the important areas Including placement in the position as you need, complete and finished in one time.


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Thank you customers for trusting in Good move service on February 10th.
Good move's moving services include packing items into boxes by the movers team, wrapping furniture for protect, carefully moving, placement the stuff as you need. You just have to prepare and wait for us to move it for you on the day of moving.


The belonging have arrived.
Welcome the first day to opening company for moving service. Thank you customers for use our service to move in our store at the first storage of the year 2023 from Phra Khanong to our Good move Storage location.


A collection of packing techniques, great home moving items




All the mood of working site on December 10th ago




All the mood of working site on December 10th ago




Moving electric patient bed to be donated at the destination in Ang Thong Province.





Are you sure for we can complete moving home on 1 day yet?










Then the busy moving house will be an easy day for you because Good move will watch the move for you.


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