What about protection of Good move

What about protection of Good move?

- Protection inside the building
- Protection inside the truck
- Protection the furniture before moving


Updated 14 January 2022


When moving our house, we are often concerned about the problems that will arise. Moving things into the new place of the house will cause scratches on the floor. Moving a condo or moving an office and the condo project or juristic building, the building has been charged, causing concern in the marks of various buildings or marks from moving inside the elevator

Are you worried about these problems? Let's look at the protection or defense of Good move and see what it has.


• Protection inside the building

- Protect the floor by corrugated paper. to reduce friction or marks from the pressing of the wheelbarrow
- Protect the railing with a cover. For new homes, the railing has a special build. Using a covering along the handrails of the stairs will help prevent friction during loading and unloading.
- cloth floor covering To absorb the pressure of heavy furniture when it is not placed in the proper position.

• Protection inside the truck

- Arrange the items inside the car in an orderly manner and according to the order of things In order to prevent pressing furniture, abrasion, cases that are arranged properly
- Tying the ropes to hold the furniture inside the car It is a furniture safety protection to protect the furniture frame inside the transport car during the journey. which will be the main reason that things your shape is not stable or may be deformed after placing it in a new place

• Protection the furniture before moving

- Wrap all furniture to prevent furniture abrasion when loading in the transport car and prevent scratches as well.
- Wrapping of fur spare parts to prevent the spare parts from picking up the floor. or picking up the furniture not to be scratched and maintain the condition of the pieces of furniture so that they are not scattered as well


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